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The Potential Role of Fiscal Decentralization on Regional Differences in CO2 Emissions in China

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报告题目:The Potential Role of Fiscal Decentralization on Regional Differences in CO2Emissions in China





Taking differentiated policies is the key to improving emissions reduction efficiency of provinces, which are the vital in mitigating climate change. This study evaluated the forces driving the differencesin CO2emissions among multiple regions in China from the perspective of fiscal decentralization. Using the multi-regional logarithmic mean Divisia index decomposition method, a spatial within-between decomposition model was developed to examine differences in reduction policies between the central and local governments. Differencesin CO2emissions in multiple regions were attributed to the direct and indirect effects of fiscal decentralization and other socio-economic effects. The trend in direct impact of fiscal decentralization had a “U” shape and became a major driving force after 2008. The differences in CO2emissions between provinces and the national average were mainly due to differences among emission cluster regions. The direct and indirect impacts of fiscal decentralization had different roles in determining the differences in CO2emissions between the provinces and their clustered regional average, and between the latter and the national average.


程树磊,经济学博士,西南财经大学副教授。主要研究方向包括气候变化经济与公共政策、指数分解理论、收入分配等,在Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews、Applied Energy、Energy、Energy Policy、Journal of Cleaner Production、《中国人口•资源与环境》、《经济理论与经济管理》等国内外学术期刊发表论文20篇,其中多篇论文曾入选ESI热点或高被引论文。


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